Monday, April 20, 2009

little master

In Indian culture we start a new enterprise or work by receiving the blessings of lord ganesha. I dedicate this first post to a man who has come closest to be compared to Him. There have been many compliments given to him but the that comes to mind is from a spectator in Australia. the placard read:
"commit all crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching him bat."
I could go on and on about this great man. But I would prefer to talk about his recent ton in Chennai. Amoung the many criticisms of this man there are two that are well supported with statistics. One is that he does not deliver in pressure situations and the other is that he has not done well in the fourth innings.
Most people have regrets after retirement about things they could have done better. Some take it upon themselves to learn from previous mistakes and come out with performances that makes the memories of the mistakes less painful. I am not saying that this innings of Sachin will make him forget the loss at the same venue some years back against pakistan. But it might hurt him less to remember this knock against England.
There have been three innings in the recent past that highlights my point above. The two knocks in the two finals in Australia ODI series and the knock in Chennai. The first two knocks came at crucial times when india were losing too many finals and the one in Chennai came when someone needed to stay and make sure that wickets do not fall. It seems Sachin is making it harder for his critics to find faults in him. I have to say too much is being said and written about this icon. He does not need to be told what is right or wrong. He just needs to be watched.
One of the few things that our generation has been lucky to watch is the fab four batting together and the little master taking guard match after match carrying a billion hopes. I am sure the next generation will envy us for watching the last time the little master step on to the field for the last time. That will be some day. It is hard to imagine the Indian team taking field without him. In the words of little master- "when the day comes we will see".