Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Its sport, glamour, girls all packed into one. I write this post while waiting frustratingly for the match between mumbai and jaipur to start. Rain can be such a spoilsport. All my dreams of watching the little master demolish the magician seems to have washed away in rain. But overall i like the IPL this time. I dare say, more than the previous version.

Firstly, the change in venue seems to be a blessing in disguise for IPL. It adds to the uncertainty. I know the cricketers must be missing playing in front of their home
crowds and we wont get to listen 80,000 people chant "korbo lorbo jeetbo" in Eden Gardens.The pitches offer something for the new ball bowlers. Suddenly technique and timing have become the buzz words. Dravid and Sachin's innings only confirm this point. It is also interesting to watch the domestic players adapt to foreign conditions.

The boundry ropes haven't been brought in. Atleast not by a great margin. Any change in the game that disturbs the even contest between the bat and the ball cannot be good for the game. For bussines may be. It's like writing an algorithm, no matter what one cannot afford to compromise on efficiency. The little master is playing from the start of the tournament. Yes it does make a difference. He is worth a 100 SRKs and million Zintas. To watch him in form is a treat to the eyes. The participation of rockstars like freddie and K.P means that we have more match winners who can single handedly win games.

Last but not the least, the cheerleaders. Vijay Mallya has White Mischief Girls for this season. As Sidhu says, grace will last but beauty will blast. So what better combination than to watch the girls dancing to a classical Dravid cover drive.

I have a suggestion to Mr.Modi. May be the IPL should be held in different country each time. Would love to see freddie flintoff and K.P play in front of their home crowds. Warne spin his magic in Adelaide oval while spectators enjoy beer served by Australian babes. The possibilities are endless. Oh damn, the match has been called off. What a dissapointment. We will have to wait for their next encounter.


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